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Monday, December 18, 2017
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Brain Integration Therapy

Brain Integration Therapy is a unique merging of Applied Kinesiology and learning theory. It is a synthesis of both ancient and modern disciplines.

Applied Kinesiology is the study of muscles and the science of testing and balancing them to help the brain and body function harmoniously. Brain Integration Therapy Repatterning uses information from “Muscle Testing” to alleviate imbalances in the way different parts of the brain and body work together.

Repatterning helps the right and left-brain to “switch-on” and work together more fully. Each repatterning session will have a specific goal related to changing a learned pattern of behaviors that is keeping the student form functioning to his or her full potential. This therapy has proven effective in minimizing or eliminating dyslexia, ADD, handwriting and coordination problems and associated learning disabilities in children, teens and adults.

These techniques were developed over the last twenty plus year, and bring many fields of discipline to bear on the problems associated with learning disabilities of all kinds.

Brain Integration at CDC is offered by Occupational Therapy as part of the treatment plan. If you child is bright, but cannot focus, write thoughts down fluency, remember what was just read and/or demonstrate writing/reading reversals, ask your occupational therapist about Brain Integration Therapy.


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